Festomat is the biggest manufacturer of playcarpets in the Netherlands. We are supplier of several toy stores and school suppliers. We produce over 100.000 pieces every year.
Its also possible to print a custom desingn.

We produce rugs an mats out of al floorcoverings 400cm/500cm. You can think of mass produced sizes 140x200cm 170x230cm and 200x300cm but also custom made carpets wich are produced per piece. We are fully equipped for all sorts floorcoverings; shaggy,cut pile, loop pile etc. We offer two kinds of edging; Whipping and taping/binding. Rugs and mats

Festomat karpetten

We can offer a wide range of different stairmats. Most of them are available in two sizes 21*56cm and 28*65cm. In this case we also use normal floorcoverings to make a large vareity of stairmats. All mats are carefully pressed with our carpet press so we can guarantee a 100% even size. After pressing the mats will be edged and a plastic line will be glued at the backing for a perfect fit on the stairs.Stairmats

Festomat trapmatten

For outside use we offer artificial grass and turf. This comes in different qualities for different purposes. You can think of use for landscaping, balcony, camping, playground, poolside, and other play areas. At every price range there is a quality from 5mm heigth to 35mm heigth even different colors such as green, grey, red, purple, etc.Artificial gras

Festomat kunsgras

We are very flexible and manufacture almost anything out of carpets. Looking for something else, don,t hestitate and contact us.